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Cubacar confirm in all the cases only the car category, not the specified model.


Premium Plus|Peugeot|From €105.00

Hyundai Accent

Middle Plus|Hyundai Accent|From €62.00

Kia Picanto

Economic Plus|Kia Picanto|From €48.00

Kia Sportage

Jeep High Standart|Kia Sportage|From €76.00

Geely CK

Economic|Geely CK|From €38.00

Kia Carnival

Minivan|Kia Carnival|From €110.00

Hyundai TQ

Van|Hyundai TQ|From €152.00

Hyundai Sonata

Standar Plus|Hyundai Sonata|From €86.00

Emgrand 718

Middle|Emgrand 718|From €52.00


Van Plus|Maxuz|From €162.00


Emgrand 718
or similarFrom €52.00 More

Middle Plus

Hyundai Accent
or similarFrom €62.00 More

Standar Plus

Emgrand Ec820
or similarFrom €86.00 More

Jeep High Standart

H. Tucson
or similarFrom €76.00 More

Van Plus

or similarFrom €162.00 More



Cuba Car Varadero is a good option to Car Rental in Cuba. A beautiful beach surrounded by five stars hotels with vip services, Varadero, is a very important Cuban destination and "Cuba car" transtur Varadero's agency represents the best way for travelling all Cuba.
As a branch of Transtur car rental main office, Cuba car has subsidiaries operating in all the country with a wide range of services, an online system for reservation,  a variety of cars, jeeps and vans with features you need for safety and comfort, skilled agents and a 24 hours technical assistance.
Cuba Car is where you need it, its agencies located at Cubanacan, Gran Caribe, Islazul's main hotels in Varadero as well as Matanzas's International Airport.
Client Program for returned costumers, with special prices and discounts.